Why Professional Piano Movers Are Recommend

When a piano needs to be relocated, Piano Movers Charleston are often recommended. They have specialized training and equipment to safely move this heavy and delicate instrument.


The cost will vary depending on the type and size of the piano, the distance involved, and whether stairs are involved. There are also considerations for the safety of passersby, which requires liability insurance.

Unlike other furniture items, pianos are not easily portable and must be moved with care. They are a large and heavy instrument, and one wrong move can damage it. This damage can be expensive, and if it’s irreparable, the piano may not function properly. This is why it’s so important to find professional movers who have the experience and equipment to transport this delicate piece of furniture.

If you’re moving a grand or upright piano, it’s a good idea to use a ramp to load it into the back of your vehicle. This will prevent the piano from being dropped and damaged, and it’s also safer for you to stand behind it than if you’re pushing it on the ground. Using a ramp will also help the movers maneuver the piano through tight spaces and stairs without damaging it or themselves.

It’s a common occurrence for regular movers to look at a piano and shake their heads, thinking that it’s too tough to handle. This type of mistake can cause perilous danger to movers and their helpers, and it can also result in irreparable damage to the piano. Instead, hire a team of piano movers who specialize in the task and are equipped with the proper tools.

In addition to their size and weight, pianos are delicate, with many intricate moving parts. It doesn’t take much to damage a piano, and it can be very expensive to repair. Those who choose to move their pianos themselves can end up spending far more than what it would cost them to have a professional mover do the work.

Piano movers are trained to know how to handle all types of pianos, from upright to grand. They’ll start by determining the best route for getting the piano from your home to its new location. They’ll then secure the piano on a special dolly that’s covered in padded material for protection. They’ll also place walk boards along the way to ensure smooth cruising from room to room.

If you’re planning a cross-country move, it’s important to find long distance piano movers who are familiar with the various regulations and requirements of each state or country. A quick online search should provide you with a few good options. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family members.


Upright pianos can weigh up to 1,400 pounds, and even a small grand piano is almost as heavy. It’s a massive instrument that requires special tools and the experience of professionals to move safely. The average person is likely to injure themselves or damage the piano if they try to transport it on their own. Luckily, there are many piano moving services that offer specialized expertise and affordable rates. Some even include a free consultation to determine how much the job will cost.

It’s a good idea to compare piano moving companies to ensure you choose the right one for your specific needs. Check the company’s reputation, insurance coverage, pricing structure, and other services offered. Some piano movers provide a flat rate, while others charge by the hour. Both options have their merits, but the former can save you money by allowing you to budget upfront.

Moreover, you’ll want to find out how long the piano movers have been in business. A long-established company will have a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. It’s also worth noting that the company is licensed and bonded to provide the service. In addition, it should be insured to protect its workers in case of an accident.

Another important consideration is the type of moving equipment the piano movers use. Most of them will have a special tool called a piano dolly, which is designed to move the instrument over level surfaces. They’ll also have pads that protect the instrument from scratches and other types of damage during transit.

The Allied website offers a virtual survey to estimate your move’s costs, and a representative will call you to discuss details of your project. This is a good way to avoid any surprises during the move, and it will ensure that your piano is well-protected and handled with care. The website also lists the company’s relocating and storage policies, as well as its customer reviews.

Whether you need to transport your piano across town or to another state, a professional piano mover will make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. This will prevent the risk of injury to you or your family members, damage to your piano, and other costly accidents.


Pianos are expensive, delicate instruments that have been used to create some of the world’s most popular music. So when it comes to moving one, you need a company that will appreciate your investment and go above and beyond to get the job done right. And that means making sure they have the proper insurance coverage.

When looking for a piano mover, make sure they can provide you with proof of insurance. Any reputable company will be able to do this, and they should also be able to explain what their policy covers. Ideally, you want them to have general liability coverage (GL), cargo insurance, and bailee property coverage.

While a piano may seem like a standard item to insure, many homeowner’s policies have limits on their coverage for high-value items. So, you will need to add a rider for the instrument in order to ensure that it is adequately covered. You should also look for terms like “new replacement value” or the option to replace the piano with a similar model if it is destroyed or lost during transit.

Some less-reputable piano movers claim to have insurance but are unable to provide you with proof of this or cannot explain what their policy covers. This is a red flag and you should steer clear of any company that can’t provide you with this information.

A good way to find a reputable piano moving company is to ask for references from previous clients. This will give you an idea of their quality of work and how they handled any damage or delays during the move. You should also check out online reviews of the company to see what others have said about their experience working with them.

Another way to find a reputable piano mover is by using a service which connects you with local transporters who can offer personalized quotes based on your unique needs. Start by creating a listing on the site and providing your information, including details about the size of your piano and the distance of the move. Then, wait for the movers to contact you with customized quotes!


Pianos are an expensive musical instrument, and moving them requires special skills and equipment. They are heavy and delicate, and ordinary movers can damage them easily. Because of this, homeowners need to hire professional movers to relocate these instruments safely. To avoid paying more than you need to, be sure that the movers have a few years of experience and have moved at least 50 pianos. They should also have helpers that are insured for workmen’s compensation and trucks that are ensured with automotive insurance. This way, you can rest assured that the movers will cover any accidental damage.

The location and distance of the move are two factors that will determine the cost of your piano move. Companies that offer a local service may charge less than those who have offices in larger cities. A local move within a city limits the number of miles the piano needs to travel, which means that the price will be lower than that of a long-distance move across the country. Long-distance movers will also charge more for the extra time and fuel needed to transport your piano.

A professional piano mover will typically charge by the hour or at a flat rate, depending on the circumstances. The average hourly rate is $8 to $15 per mover, and a flat rate may range from $100 to $2,000. The total cost will depend on the size and weight of your piano. Larger and heavier pianos require more movers than smaller ones. Also, a mover may charge an additional fee for disassembling your piano and packing it into a crate for transportation.

Another factor that can significantly impact the cost of a piano move is the amount of stairs or tight spaces involved in the move. This can increase the price by up to $300, as piano movers need extra tools and equipment to get the job done safely. The price is even higher if the piano is located in a difficult-to-reach area of your home.

A final factor that can impact the cost of a piano move is whether it’s a rush job. Most piano movers will give you a deadline within which they need to finish the job. If you need the piano moved sooner than that, you’ll need to pay an additional $300 for a local move and up to $700 for a long-distance move.