Tsinghua university


The Liberty Mutual Supported Safework Program at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, was inaugurated in October of 2002.  The program builds on a shared interest in occupational safety and ergonomics research.  From the Tsinghua perspective, the partnership with LMRIS is a key strategic initiative in building a new Department of Industrial Engineering’s (developed within the School of Mechanical Engineering) research program in these core research areas in industrial engineering.

This program began with an initial familiarization and exchange visit in Februrary, 2003 at Hopkinton.  The focus of this program is primarily on faculty developing joint research with Institute scientists though some student trainees may be anticipated in later years.  The initial round of research projects and second round of projects are listed below as are early publications and current graduate and undergraduate trainees.

Joint projects

Initial Projects 2003-2005

  1. Cross-cultural effects on warnings
  2. Driving behavior US v. China
  3. Augmented feedback in Chinese drivers
  4. Chinese worker hand anthropometry

Emerging Projects 2006-2008

  1. Interpretation of Wayfinding Highway Signage
  2. Driver Distractions from Secondary Tasks as a Function of Driving Complexity
  3. Industrial Engineering Assessment of Scaffolding and Walk Boards
  4. Materials Handling in Construction


Exchange visits

  1. Tsinghua Core Faculty Visit to LMRIS, Hopkinton, February 2003

Research program familiarization; development and defense of initial proposals.

  1. LMRIS Core Faculty Visit to Tsinghua, Beijing, December 2003

Collaboration on current projects; drafting of manuscripts.

  1. LMRIS Meeting with Tsinghua Core Faculty, Beijing, September 2004

Progress update; preliminary discussion of future projects.

  1. Tsinghua Core Faculty Visit to LMRIS, Hopkinton, May 2005

Closure discussions on initial projects; strategic focus and new projects discussion.

  1. LMRIS Meeting with Tsinghua Core Faculty, Beijing, October 2005

Progress update.


Joint publications

While it is still early in the program from a publishing standpoint, publications from the first series of projects are beginning to emerge in the peer-reviewed press.  The following list presents the published work emerging from the Tsinghua program.  More peer-reviewed journal publications are expected for this program in the near future.


  1. Huang, Y.H., Roetting, M., and Zhang, W., “Factors Determining Driving Behavior in China and the USA,” Proceedings of the 2nd China International Forum on Work Safety, Beijing, P.R. China, pp. 372-379, 2004
  2. Cai, X., Li, Z., Chang, C.C., and Dempsey, P.G., “Analysis of Alignment Influence on 3-D Anthropometry Statistics,” Tsinghua Science and Technology, Vol. 10, No. 5, pp. 623-626, 2005

Accepted for publication 2005

  1. Zhang, W., Huang, Y.H., Roetting, M., Wang, Y., and Wei, H., “Driver’s Views and Behaviors About Safety in China – What Do they Not Know About Driving?,” accepted for publication in Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2005


Graduate Trainees 2003-2005

Current Doctoral Trainees

Ying Wang, Ph.D. Candidate, Validity Assessment of Driving Simulation for Driving Behavior Measurement and Safety Study, September, 2003-present.

Yanbin Wang, Ph.D. Student,     Driving Safety Evaluation for the Drivers in China and USA with Their Existing Behaviors and Attitudes September, 2004-present.

Bo Hu, Ph.D. Student, Driving Cockpit Design for Driving Simulation, September, 2005-present.

Jiyang Duan, Ph.D. Student,  (Topic to be finalized.) September, 2005 – present.

Current Masters Trainees

Hua Wei, Masters Student,  Factors Determining Driving Behavior of the Drivers in China and the USA, April 2003-July 2004

Chen Qi, Masters Student, Balance Control on Flexible Wooden Boards on a Simulated Scaffold by Chinese Construction Workers Hired from Farms, September 2005- present.

Yue Shen, Masters Student, The Effects of Floor Slipperiness on Psychophysical and Physiological Responses for Load Handling Tasks, September 2005- present.


Undergraduate Trainees

Jiafang Guo, Influence of Tinted Glass on Side-view Visibility during Driving, September 2005- present.

Xiaole Han, The Effects of Floor Slipperiness on Psychophysical and Physiological Responses for Load Handling Tasks, February, 2005 – July 2005

Yu Chen, Evaluation on the Human Factors in MMH Based on Neural Networks , September 2005- present.

Pei Wang, PhD student, Perception and Comprehension of Traffic Signs, September 2005- present.