The Measurement of Slipperiness, 2000

The second Hopkinton Conference was 2000’s The Measurement of Slipperiness  held at the Research Institute in July of that year.  The conference was organized by scientists from LMRIS, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the University of Pittsburgh.

This Hopkinton Conference sought to develop a global perspective on methodological issues in slipperiness measurement.  Topics of discussion included fundamental concepts and definitions in slipperiness measurement, the occupational injury burden, slips and falls biomechanics, human-centered methods, surface roughness and friction.

The conference involved 30 expert contributors from 18 participating institutions and 9 countries. Included were representatives of the National Laboratories of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Finland.  In addition university researchers were present from the United States, United Kingdom, Korea, Finland, Thailand, Sweden, Australia, and Germany.  This second conference resulted in a special issue of the journal Ergonomics that was published in October 2001.  This special issue received considerable attention as a highly innovative scientific effort.  A second technical outcome, a book entitled Measuring Slipperiness- Human Locomotion and Surface Factors, was published by Taylor and Francis in 2003.

Ergonomics, Volume 44,

Number 13, 166pp.


Measuring Slipperiness- Human Locomotion and Surface Factors,

London: Taylor and Francis, Ltd., 180pp. ISBN 0-415-29828-8

This Hopkinton Conference was honored by the Ergonomics Society with the 2003 William Floyd Medal for contributions to the state of the science in slips, trips and falls.

Like the prior Hopkinton Conference, the Measurement of Slipperiness also resulted in a number of downstream collaborations including comparison of engineering and worker-centered measures of slipperiness and epidemiologic studies slips, trips and falls in healthcare workers (articulated with NIOSH).

                             Table of Contents for The Measurement of Slipperiness


 Volume 44           Number 13    20 October 2001

 SPECIAL ISSUE:  The Measurement of Slipperiness

Guest Editors: Theodore K. Courtney, Wen-Ruey Chang,

Raoul Grönqvist and Mark S. Redfern

1095 Editor’s Preface

T.K. Courtney, W.R. Chang, R. Grönqvist, M.S. Redfern

1097 The measurement of slipperiness—an international scientific symposium

T.K. Courtney, W.R. Chang, R. Grönqvist and M.S. Redfern

1102 Measurement of slipperiness: fundamental concepts and definitions

R. Grönqvist, W.R. Chang, T.K. Courtney, T.B. Leamon, M.S. Redfern and L. Strandberg

1118 Occupational slip, trip, and fall-related injuries—can the contribution of slipperiness be isolated?

T.K. Courtney, G.S. Sorock, D.P. Manning, J.W. Collins and M.A. Holbein-Jenny

1138 Biomechanics of slips

M.S. Redfern, R. Cham, K. Gielo-Perczak, R. Grönqvist, M. Hirvonen, H. Lanshammar, M. Marpet, C.Y.-C. Pai and C. Powers, T.K.

1167 Human-centred approaches in slipperiness measurement

R. Grönqvist, J. Abeysekera, G. Gard, S.M. Hsiang, T.B. Leamon, D.J. Newman, K. Gielo-Perczak, T.E. Lockhart and C.Y.-C. Pai

1200 The role of surface roughness in the measurement of slipperiness

W.R. Chang, I.-J. Kim, D.P. Manning and Y. Bunterngchit,

1217 The role of friction in the measurement of slipperiness, Part 1: Friction mechanisms and definition of test conditions

W.R. Chang, R. Grönqvist, S. Leclerq, R. Myung, L. Makkonen, L. Strandberg, R.J. Brungraber, U. Mattke and S.C. Thorpe

1233 The role of friction in the measurement of slipperiness, Part 2: Survey of friction measurement devices

W.R. Chang, R. Grönqvist, S. Leclerq, R.J. Brungraber U. Mattke, L. Strandberg, S.C. Thorpe, R. Myung, L. Makkonen, and T.K. Courtney


                              Ergonomics, Volume 44,  Number 13, 166pp.