Yung-Hui Terrence Lee




Yung-Hui Terrence Lee, Ph.D., was a visiting scholar of LMRIS in 2005/8-2005/11. I was the directory of Industrial Ergonomics Center of Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) from 2011/8 to 2016/7. Foxconn is the largest Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company in the world, one of the largest Apple suppliers in China, and is ranked 27th in Fortune 500, 2017.  Me and my team members set up the corporate ergonomic program for Foxconn and worked to improve the safety and health of workplaces in the production lines.  Before joined Foxconn, I was a full-time professor of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST).

During my visit of LMRIS, I collaborated with Institute researchers on a biomechanics study involving lifting postures.  We investigated the effects of initial lumbar and knee postures, and pre-lifting dynamics on low back loading.  We used a motion analysis tracking system to record joint movement, EMG to collect data on muscle activation, and force plates to measure ground reaction forces. The findings help us to better understand human lifting dynamics and help to develop postural recommendations for workers involved in manual material handling tasks.