The “only an insurance company” issue continued to be a potential problem for, although we were confident in the range and quality of our work, we needed high profile recognition to confirm our confidence – and also to provide guidance to reach yet higher standards.

Consequently, in 2000 I was able to draw together friends from Finland, France and the SVABU.K. and invite colleagues from Canada and the U.S. to establish an unparalleled advisory board, certainly one unmatched in any “commercial venture” in our field.

SVABWe worked hard to ensure that their endorsement would never jeopardize their reputation; for with their help and guidance our standards and productivity would be truly world class.

From 2006, and from left to right:

Terry Sullivan, President &CEO, Institute for Work & Health (Canada), Barry Bloom, Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, (USA), Jorma Rantenan, President of ICOH, (Finland), David Buchanan, Chief Executive, British Health and Safety Laboratories, and Jean-Claude Andre , Directeur General INRS, (France)