Other Universities

Other University Programs were less successful and did not develop beyond the original negotiation and actual establishment of the relationship.

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

In 1996, discussions with the University of Aberdeen, Department of Occupational Health in Scotland, with the support of Liberty Europe Holdings Ltd., began with interest in focusing on occupational injury and safety in the UK and the European Union.  In 1997, the Liberty Mutual Safework Center at the University of Aberdeen was created.  In Dr. Malcolm Henry Pope was appointed Chair of the program in 1998 and directs the M.Sc. Ergonomics course in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.

While joint research has been limited, the Aberdeen program has made extensive use of LMRIS technology including extensive work in low back pain with the Liberty Mutual Whole Body Vibration Meter.  Aberdeen has also contributed to LMIRS symposia in South America and China.

Following the resignation of Dr Pope, the program was diverted to an engineering safety department with few interests in the human centered safety field which was our strength.

Chongqing University

In 2000, the Institute. Liberty International China, and Chongqing University created a Safe Work Center at the university. 2002Chongqing 41 The principal focus of this program was to improve education and training in occupational safety and health.  As such participation has been somewhat different than with other Chinese universities where the partnerships have been based more on research collaborations.  In addition to contributions from Institute researchers, significant contributions have been made by Liberty Mutual Loss Prevention practice experts in developing improved education and training programs with the University.  Chongqing SafeWork Center faculty have also been involved in the Safe Work Forum series.

Argentine universities

In 1996 the Institute and Harvard partnered with Liberty ART in Argentina and the University of Buenos Aires to present ‘Cuidar a la Gente es un Buen Negocio’ two day symposium on occupational safety and health. Argentina 1996 9 Topics included commercial strategic value of human resources, identifying and addressing real sources of loss and contributions of occupational medicine in workplace safety and health.  More than 550 medical and business professionals attended.  In 1998 discussions with the Instituto Technologico de Buenos Aires focused on the development of a new masters program in occupational safety engineering.  Also in 1998, the Institute conducted The Buenos Aires Global Health and Safety Symposium with partners from Harvard and Aberdeen.

Both these initiatives failed to develop.