Other International Initiatives

UKHealth and Safety Laboratory, United Kingdom

In 1998, the Institute concluded a collaborative agreement with the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Laboratories in Sheffield, England for the exchange of technical information and for joint research as appropriate. A number of topics for exchange of technical information were identified and discussions were held on a joint project to evaluate the manual materials handling risk assessment methods.

As part of this agreement, HSL collaborated with the Research Institute on the Field Evaluation of Manual Materials Handling Criteria field study.  The results of this collaboration also influenced the development of materials handling guidelines in the U.K. produced by the HSL.

The HSL was also a key contributor to the 2000 Hopkinton Conference, The Measurement of Slipperiness in which international scientists attempted to define the state of the art in understanding same level falls- a truly global problem at work.

indexBGN, Germany

In January 1999, the Research Institute hosted a low back pain mini-symposium for scientists from Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gaststätten (BGN), the German insurer for restaurant, and food and beverage industries. Several of BGN’s research affiliates also participated, including the Research Institute for Applied System Safety and Occupational Healthcare, Erfurt; Friedrich Schiller University, Jena; and the German Sports University, Cologne.  In December 1999, Research Institute scientists presented findings on low back pain exposure assessment, pain management and return-to-work at the 1999 Erfurter Tage International Occupational Health and Safety Symposium in Erfurt, Germany.   Interaction with BGN experts has continued over the subsequent years including their involvement in several of SafeWork Forums and Symposia in China.

irishIrish Work Institute

In 1997-98, the Institute provided advice and technical support in the conceptualization of and Irish Work Safety Institute.  This initiative was developed in cooperation with Liberty international units in Ireland.

AussieWorkCover, New South Wales, Australia

Discussions were conducted with the WorkCover authority of New South Wales, Australia during 1996 in conjuction with Liberty International units in Australia.  An agreement on research cooperation and exchange was concluded in 1997.  Shortly after the agreement was concluded, the Australian government changed and funding support for research activity at WorkCover was severely cut making continued collaboration untenable.