Methodological Challenges to the Study of Occupational Injury, 1996

The first Hopkinton Conference was 1996’s Methodological Challenges to the Study of Occupational Injury held at the Research Institute in June of that year.  The conference was co-sponsored by Harvard and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

The focus of this conference was to assess epidemiologic approaches to occupational injury research.  In particular emphasis was placed on better defining occupational injury and examining approaches that could be imported from other areas of epidemiology and medicine and applied to the study of musculoskeletal disorders and traumatic injuries.

The conference involved 30 expert contributors from 16 participating institutions and 4 countries representing research efforts in academia, government, labor, and industry.  It resulted in a seminal special issue of the American Journal of Industrial Medicine that was published in August 1997. The conference resulted in subsequent collaborations including the first case-crossover study in occupational injury.

Am J Indus Med., Volume 32, Number 2, 180pp.

Table of Contents for Methodological Challenges to the Study of Occupational  Injury

Special Issue

Methodological Challenges to the Study of

Occupational Injury

Guest Editors

Gary S. Sorock, Alex Burdorf, Theodore K. Courtney, Robert F. Herrick


 Methodological Challenges to the Study of Occupational Injury- An International Epidemiology Workshop

Courtney, Burdorf, Sorock, Herrick…                                                                                                                                       103

Conceptual and Definitional Issues in Occupational Injury Epidemiology

Hagberg, Christiani, Courtney, Halperin, Leamon, Smith                                                                                                        106

 Three Perspectives on Work-related Injury Surveillance Systems

Sorock, Smith, Reeve, Dement, Stoudt, Layne, Pastula                                                                                                           116

Alternative Approaches to Analytic Studies of Occupational Injury                                129

Mittleman, Maldonato, Gerberich, Smith, Sorock

Challenges in Assessing Risk Factors in Epidemiologic Studies on

Back Disorders.

Burdorf, Rossignol, Fathallah, Snook, Herrick                                                                                                                          142

Design Factors in Epidemiologic Cohort Studies of Work-related

Low Back Injury or Pain

Kraus,  Gardner, Collins, Sorock, Volinn                                                                                                                                  153

Design and Conduct of Occupational Injury Intervention Studies                                                   164

Zwerling, Daltroy, Fine, Johnston, Melius, Silverstein

Advancing Epidemiologic Studies of Occupational Injury-                                                                               180

Approaches and Future Directions

Burdorf, Sorock, Herrick, Courtney

 Am J Indus Med., Volume 32, Number 2, 180pp