KaiWay Li

DDS_5935-1 (2)Dr. Kai Way Li had been serving as a researcher in the institute during Dec 2004 to March 2007. He had been a member in the project studying the floor slipperiness and workers’ perception of floor slipperiness in fast food restaurants. In this project, ten fast food restaurants each in Taiwan and in the USA joined. Li was the principal investigator in studying the risk of slip & fall and workers’ experience of slip & fall in the ten restaurants in Taiwan. In addition to the restaurant study, he was the principal investigator of two projects: biomechanics of pallet truck pulling and an assessment of a newly developed friction measurement device. In the pallet truck pulling project, he had human participants pulling a pallet truck of different loads walking on a walkway and stepped on a target area of dry, wet, and oily contaminated. This was to simulate what will happen when a worker was pulling and stepped on a floor surface which may not provide sufficient resistance to counter balance the movement of the foot on the floor. The assessment of a friction measurement device was performed to test the validity and reliability of the Brungraber Mark III slipmeter. This slipmeter was an advanced model of Brungraber Mark II which is very commonly used in floor slipperiness assessments in the USA.

In addition to the internal projects, Li had also participated in the Liberty-Tsinghua join projects. He had working with Dr. Ruifeng Yu, a professor in the IE Department of Tsinghua University in China, for two joint projects. In the first project, the effects of floor slipperiness on the capability of workers in performing manual materials handling tasks were investigated. In the second project, the physiological and psychophysical responses of human participants performing combined manual materials handling tasks were analyzed.

The research findings of Li have been published in Ergonomics, Applied Ergonomics, Safety Science, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, and so on