Jon Boyer 2008-2010


The Second LMRIS-UML Postdoctoral Fellow was Jon Boyer

Current Position: EH&S Risk Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital


On the postdoctoral experience:

“I am grateful for my time as a UML-LMRIS post-doctoral fellow in occupational injury & illness disease prevention.  During my tenure I was given the time and resources to complete submission of publications developed as a doctoral candidate, initiate and complete a new and interesting lab based research project, continue existing research collaborations, expand my professional network and prepare for my next career steps. LMRIS and the UML Department of Work Environment have both contributed immeasurably to the broad field of occupational and environmental health & safety as well as the careers of numerous professionals like me.”

Publications resulting from the postdoctoral experience:

Kurowski A, Boyer J, Punnett L. (2015). The health effects, physical and psychosocial stressors of paid care work. In: Caring on the Clock. Rutgers University Press.


Xu X, Lin J, Boyer J. (2013). Shoulder joint loading during medicine cart pushing tasks. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. 10(8):446-454.

Kurowski A, Boyer J, Fulmer S, Gore R, Punnett L. (2012). Changes in ergonomic exposure after implementation of a safe resident handling program in nursing homes. International Journal of Industrial

Boyer J, Lin J, Chang C. (2010). Description and analysis of hand forces in medicine cart pushing tasks. Applied Ergonomics. 44.  48-57.

Boyer J, Galizzi, M, Cifuentes M, Punnett L, Slatin, C. (2009). Ergonomic and socioeconomic risk factors for workers’ compensation injury claims. Am J Ind Med. Volume 52. p. 551-562.