Physical Developments

In 1991, the “Research Center” consisted of the original 1953 building, a twin building, an office block and a brick and cladding workshop.  By 1993 the facilities, research capabilities and domains under study had increased substantially and were now known as the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety. The research fields now included Biomechanics, Epidemiology, Physiology, Psychology, Prosthetics, Ergonomics, Statistics and Occupational Therapy1993.jpg and the research capability had increased from about four to over a dozen graduate scientists.  The number of labs had increased from two to ten to include support for the new fields of study and the space had been increased to 40,000 sq ft while the remaining facilities had been given a significant updating.

The next development of the physical resources came with the opening in 2003 of a new   cropped-lmris.jpgbuilding of over 90,000 square feet with 11 laboratories and electronic, wood and metal workshops to support the various research programs.  During this period the number of researchers (and budgets) had increased to almost 50 and included more than half with postgraduate qualifications.