Hopkinton Conferences

In 1994, the concept of a global meeting to address significant issues facing our research was put forward by the director who identified a working group to establish the series which began in 1996.   The objective of these Hopkinton Conferences was to distinguish the Research Institute as a pre-eminent leader on key methodological issues within our disciplines in occupational safety, injury and disability. The Conference involved:

  1. The creation of a special, intimate community of researchers on a methodological topic.
  2. Development of manuscripts on key scientific aspects.
  3. A 2-day conference to review, debate, revise; examine global issues and research priorities.
  4. Dissemination through a special issue of leading peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  5. Potential research output extension into monographs, books,etc.
  6. The Hopkinton Conference served as a stimulus for further collaboration, and contributors form a new research network

Clearly, this objective demanded considerable effort and time and was not intended to be an annual event.  In this period three conferences were held:

Methodological Challenges to the Study of Occupational Injury, 1996

The Measurement of Slipperiness, 2000

Improving Return-to-Work Research, 2005

three more were organized in the later period:

Slips, Trips and Falls 2006

Fatigue and Safety 2009

Socio-Technical Systems 2012