Arif Jetha 2013-2015

JethaThe Fifth LMRIS-UML Postdoctoral Fellow was Arif Jetha


CurrentPositions: Associate Scientist, Institute for Work & Health; and Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto


On the postdoctoral experience:

“The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety-UMass Lowell post-doctoral fellowship was a valuable career development opportunity. Project funding awarded as part of the fellowship enabled me to collect data within American manufacturing companies and speak to frontline workers, supervisors, and senior management to better understand the return-to-work process. A highlight of my post-doctoral fellowship was the opportunity to engage with novel systems thinking approaches and methodology to build models that captured the complexity inherent in the management and prevention of work disability. Findings from my post-doctoral research were presented at national and international scientific conferences, and translated into peer-reviewed publications. Through the mentorship provided to me by leaders in the field of occupational health and safety and work disability management, I acquired important methodological skills and theoretical insights that I continue to draw from in my current program of research”.

 Publications resulting from the postdoctoral experience:

Jetha A, Montagne T, Lilley R, Hogg-Johnson S, Sim M, Smith P. (2017). Workplace social system and sustained return-to-work: A study of supervisor and co-worker supportiveness and injury reaction. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. In press.

Besen E, Jetha A, Gaines B. (2017). Examining the likelihood of experiencing productivity loss and receiving social security disability income following the onset of chronic disease. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. In press

 Jetha A, Kernan L, Kurowski A, ProCare Research Group. (2017) Conceptualizing the dynamics of workplace stress: A systems-based study of nursing aides. BMC Health Services Research. 17: 12.

Jetha A, Besen, EB, Smith PM. (2016). Comparing the relationship between age and length of disability across chronic diseases. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. 58 (5): 485-491

Jetha A. Pransky GP, Fish J, Hettinger LH. (2016). Return-to-work within a complex and dynamic organizational work disability system. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 26 (3): 276-285

Jetha A, Pransky GP, Hettinger LH. (2016). Capturing complexity in work disability research and practice: Application of system dynamics modeling methodology. Disability and Rehabilitation. 38 (2): 189-194.

Jetha A, Pransky GP, Hettinger LH. (2015) Stakeholder-informed system dynamics model of return-to-work: Protocol paper. Journal of Public Health Research. 4(2): 90-94.